Why bad things happen to good people?

  • When something bad happened in our life, our most typical reaction would be ” Lord why me?”

    When you ask a christian about this they’ll probably say, it’s part of Gods plan or we never really know why. That’s too hard to answer. But the truth is there is an answerAs i child and until now I’m fond of asking questions, I believe that everything happens for a reason, and like some people I need to understand because the thoughts in my mind won’t stop.

    In search of answers, I came across this vast topic of religion. Have you ever wonder why God allows us to have differents beliefs? Different set of philosophies? Different God? Different messiah? In my opinion, it’s because God created us distinctively. One set of ideology may not be perfectly the same as the other. I mentioned that to emphasize my point about being open and respectful to each other in the so called religion we are in. What I learned about Buddhism and Hinduism is that we live in the material world but we are spiritual being part and parcel of God, so we must detach our self from the world. Their philosophy also revolves around the Law of Karma and Reincarnation, which clearly explain that the status of our current life is the result of our past life and experiences. Our suffering now, is the result of the suffering we caused to others. It also explain why some people are born rich while others are born poor. Why good people suffer. Why bad people prosper. If you recognize this belief, for me it is the perfect example that God is fair and treats us equally.

    According to Chris Butler, If you appreciate the law of karma, “As you sow, so shall you reap”, then you can appreciate how your prosperity or non-prosperity is due to your previous activities. It is not that the Supreme Person arbitrarily chooses to make you poor and another person rich, to make your body diseased and your neighbor’s healthy, etc. It’s not the Supreme Who’s doing it but you. He has simply arranged the laws in such a way that you have possession of your own destiny. If you are suffering now because you were born with one leg, then you may have two ways of looking at it. First, you may see it as your fault. Secondly, you may consider it the fault of the Original Cause. Now unless you appreciate that you existed previous to this body, then you’d have to say it’s the fault of the Supreme. After all, if you think that life just began with this body then you’ll question, “Well, how come it’s like this? What possible basis could God have for doing this to me? I didn’t do anything.”

    I suggest you read this post and try to understand in a different perspective..


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